Parliamentary Internships

The Parliamentary Internship Programme

Upon the establishment in Edinburgh of a Scottish Parliament in 1999, the Institute of Governance offered, to qualified undergraduates, an educational programme involving an internship with the Scottish Parliament. From 2013 this programme was taken over by the Academy of Government.


The Internship Programme’s aim is to introduce students to key aspects of Scottish and British politics and culture by means of formal tuition followed by placements in the Parliament, built around a research project designed to aid the work of the host MSP (Member of the Scottish Parliament). The objective of the course is to give students an understanding of how Scotland has evolved as a society, especially in the context of the United Kingdom, how key aspects of its cultural development reflect that process, as well as focusing on the policy-making process in Scotland and the impact the Scottish Parliament has had since it was ‘re-convened’ in 1999.

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